VideoJet Array Customers, Switch Over to MCS!

Videojet introduced hundreds of customers to the MCS Array inkjet technology with the Printmail
WideArray™.  Now you can upgrade your WideArray™ to MCS’ latest capabilities!
See our case study on Think Patented – which upgraded older VideoJet PrintMail WideArray™ inkjet
technology to the new MCS Array™ controllers; for better performance and quality!

New Features Available with an MCS V3 Upgrade:

 1. Digital Workflow, including:
     * One-click visual database pre-flighting
     * Artwork importing – for job setup
 2. Intelligent Mail Barcode – IMB capability
 3. Ink-Saving mode of 200DPI – and increased top speed
 4. 100% MCS Accountability
     * Direct support from the manufacturer

MCS supports more applications than Videojet!

 1. Now you can print on aqueous coated stocks, gloss and matte stocks at true production speeds
     with the ease-of-use of HP technology.
    * Combination of MCS S-800 Near Infrared drying technology and special inks.
    * Many stocks no longer require expensive solvent systems from Videojet, Buskro and Kirk


MCS offers more than a hardware and software upgrade!

 1. Upgraded Printmail WideArray™ systems qualify for low cost MCS service and Swap Programs.
 2. Low-cost spare parts.
     Contact MCS Technical Support or your Sales Representative to learn more about upgrading.