Production color digital printing is affordable with the MCS KM 1100 color digital press. For less than $2,500 per month, the MCS KM 1100 produces mailing products on heavy coated stocks with brilliant quality.

 Built for mail, the MCS KM 1100 has three unique features that make it ideal for professional mail production.

    1. Both air assist and vacuum feeding on the high capacity input tray The mailing industry uses the most demanding stocks, and this combination offers the greatest flexibility for feeding demanding stocks.
    2. Up to 13"x19" paper sizeMaximizes the products per page — with full bleed opportunities
    3. Dual Fusing UnitsAlmost all mailing jobs are heavy stocks, which need more heat to fuse correctly on heavy stocks reliably. Two fusers provide a more consistent fusing on heavy stock.

 The MCS Difference

Color digital presses offer an unlimited number of configuration possibilities, but very few work in the direct mail environment. MCS configures all of our digital presses with proven peripheral equipment and industry leading RIPs, to ensure our customers’ success. In many cases, customers have asked MCS to replace an existing color digital press with a MCS press because the original equipment was configured incorrectly.


Mailing Product

Number up

Cost per Mail Piece

4"x6" Full Bleed

8 up

< 3 cents

6"x9" Full Bleed

4 up

< 6 cents

6"x11" Full Bleed

3 up

< 8 cents

8-½"x11" Full Bleed

2 up

< 10 cents




Finished Sheets per Minute

8-½"x11" Simplex

60 lb offset

100 sheets/minute

11"x17" Simplex

60 lb offset

53 sheets/minute

12"x18" Duplex

110 lb Cover C2S

25 sheets/minute

13"x19" Duplex

110 lb Cover C2S

25 sheets/minute

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