Take on more jobs.  Earn more revenue.  Boost your business with the ability to: Print wider, faster - and with higher quality.  Add Graphics/Maps/Logos at full 600DPI resolution.  Increase production on more types of materials & products - UV Curable Ink has broad substrate capabilities.  Double throughput by rotating print orientation.

Five features that put the MCS Eagle UV ahead of all other technologies!

  • Solid 4.25” or 8.5” Print Head
  • High Quality
  • High Speed
  • Smaller Dots 
  • Simplicity

Use the web application and have the ability to add numbering, barcoding,
serialization and graphics to:

  • Labels and film
  • Addressing on coated stocks
  • Tickets and tags
  • Game cards
  • Ballots

Resolution UV Speed
600x600 DPI 166 feet per minute
600x400 DPI

250 feet per minute

600x300 DPI

333 feet per minute

600x200 DPI          

500 feet per minute

Drop Size 

14 pl