The Falcon is the third generation of HP-Based inkjet systems from MCS. Building on a foundation of more than 3,000 printers serving customers worldwide, the Falcon is the overwhelming low-cost choice for industrial inkjet printing.

Summary Of Features of Falcon printers combined with Raptor Software:


  • 600 DPI Enhanced Technology Rasterization™ (ETR) – Crisper fonts and
  • graphics.
  • Up to 24” of Falcon Print width – and up to a total of 25” of print
  • width including Eagle Systems.
  • Non-Proprietary Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
  • Optional PDF Workflow.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG job layout, Remote Job Setup and Electronic Print Proofing.
  • Advanced Variable graphics and text.
  • Combined Falcon/Eagle systems under one umbrella.

Maximum Throughput: Up to 36,000 PPH
Resolution and Speeds:

Up to 600 DPI: 600 X 600/300/150 DPI
600 X 600 @ 25 inches/second (125 FPM)
600 X 400 @ 50 inches/second (175 FPM)
600 X 300 @ 50 inches/second (250 FPM)
600 X 200 @ 75 inches/second (375 FPM)

600 X 150 @ 100 inches/second (500 FPM)
Print Width:

2" - 24"

Onboard Controllers:

Daisy-Chainable via Gigabit Ethernet; use together or as separate systems

Print Head Sizes:     

2" and 4" in any number up to 24"

Ink Cartridges: Hewett-Packard 51645A - style (1/2” print each @ 600 nozzles per inch)


Interface to the MCS Perfect Match System
Enhanced Print Accuracy: Exclusive “Encoder Translator” feature enhances quality and positional accuracy
MCS Raptor Controller Software is Included:

600 DPI Enhanced Technology Rasterization™               (ETR)
Optional PDF workflow
WYSIWYG job layout
Variable Data VIA Database or internal counter capabilities
Remote job setup
Electronic job proofing
Windows 7 compatible
Compatible with True-Type fonts
All popular barcodes including IMB, QR, GS1 Databar as well as most inline and 2D barcodes
Unlimited conditional bitmaps
Graphic rotation and scaling — even for variable elements

Enhanced I/O Module:

Increased capabilities for integrating with auxiliary equipment