MCS has made an investment in developing an advanced degreed engineering team unmatched in the industry. While other vendors buy and resell products and components from multiple vendors and sub-contractors, MCS develops and owns its products. Our systems are state of the art, and use the latest computer technology available.


Because MCS owns and manufactures its technology, rest assured that our support team has direct access to the product developers. Our industry leading   Hot Swap Program is unmatched in getting customers up and running in the shortest amount of time. The MCS Support team is located throughout the United States and have years of experience as industry mechanics.  Click Here for a brochure on MCS Care detailing our customer service and training opportunities.


MCS systems are engineered to be flexible and easy to support and to adapt to different applications, we call this “Modular Designed Engineering”.  Call our References, and see why MCS has become the leader in the industry.
An example of our value would be MCS customers that bought the MCS Array Imaging Systems in the year 2001.  These systems are compatible with the upgrades we provide today. Not many other inkjet systems can make the same statement.