No other technology gives you more options for inks than the MCS Falcon Imaging System. To be successful in the direct mail and printing industries, you need flexibility and options. The Falcon Imaging system uses the leading cartridge technology in the inkjet industry, HP. With HP cartridges, changing out ink formulas takes seconds. Most other technologies are dedicated to just one ink. More options means more opportunity for success!



There are many different ink formulas developed for the Falcon Imaging System. Most formulas were developed for the following applications:


These stocks come from the paper mill with a coating.  There are many variations of coated stocks, some of which are obviously coated with a high-gloss finish and some of which areen't so obvious, like a matte or satin stock.


These stocks have no coating from the mill.  They are usually porous and require ink formulas that absorb into the stock and then dry quickly so the ink doesn't bleed (spread).



These stocks may or may not have been coated from the paper mill, but they have been over-coated with a post-production aqueous finish at the commercial printer.  The water-based coating creates a nice finished product that is usually shinier, smudge-resistant, scratch-proof and fingerprint-proof, but that coating is more challenging to inkjet.  Aqueous coatings require specific inks from the Aqueous Ink Family, as well as a dryer.



Most specialty stocks are very challenging to inkjet because of the complex coatings or because of the material itself. Specialty stocks usually require a solvent-based ink formula.  Because of the alcohol content, solvent inks tend to dry quickly on almost anything.  Even with solvent inks, sometimes a dryer may be needed to make the ink adhere more permanently to the stock.



Uncoated cardboard and uncoated corrugated material, which are NOT the same thing, tend to require inks that are somewhat water fast.  Lumber, laundry tickets and uncoated labels could also fit into this family.


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Ink Delivery Systems

inks_1 Cartridges - HP Cartridges are very easy to install and replace. The advantage of cartridges is that a user can have a variety of different cartridges with different inks. Cartridges are ideal for customers that have a variety of different types of stocks every day or if they are a low volume shop.