MCS, Inc designs, manufactures, sells and supports the most successful inkjet imaging systems and inserter matching systems for the mailing industry. We offer stand-alone inkjet systems, in-line inkjet systems for inserters and tip-on machines, web based inkjets and matching systems using HP Technology.

We have been in business since 1989 and have sold over 2000 systems to companies in the mailing and marketing industries across North America.

MCS inkjets and matching systems – both hardware and software – are developed in-house by our own team of engineers. The ability to provide our customers with an integrated solution – entirely from one company – gives us a unique advantage in providing ownership and accountability for the solutions we provide.

MCS has been a leader in the mailing industry not only because of our superior technology, but also because we understand the industry’s needs and are able to meet those needs. We believe that a high level of support is valued by our customers, which is why we have our own network of support technicians nationwide for technical support as well as installation and training.

  • David Loos established Micro Computer Solutions, Inc. in 1989 as a reseller to the mailing industry for Group 1 PC software.
  • By 1994, MCS had developed an industrial inkjet solution for addressing using Trident inkjet technology.
  • In 1996, MCS adopted the superior HP technology for addressing systems.
  • In 1997, the Company introduced the first new printer called the MCS Imager Pro utilizing MCS’ software with HP imaging technology. Recognized as having the industry’s most advanced software, the product was immediately successful.

  • The MCS Array Imaging System was introduced in 2001 and since its release the Array has become the leading inkjet in the industry. Its flexibility, versatility, and software superiority have yet to be matched in the mailing industry.
  • In 2004, MCS released its Perfect Match System to provide 100% insert, envelope and address matching. Using our own digital camera and electronic tracking sensors and software coupled with integration of open-standard computer technology, the Perfect Match System is unmatched in the industry.
  • The Graphic Imaging System 4250 was released by MCS in 2005. The GIS4250 is based on the newest HP technology, and offers speed (up to 600 fpm) and convenience, never seen before in the inkjet industry.
  • In 2005, MCS also brought inkjet technology to hybrid printing. Using advanced software, the MCS systems can now be adopted to applications such as barcoding, and printing on offset presses, flexographic presses and bindery equipment. Universal mounts allow MCS systems to be added to almost any printing platform.
  • In 2014, MCS opened a National Demonstration Facility outside Chicago. The 10,000 sqft facility showcases technology solutions for production direct-mailers including color and B&W digital presses (both cut-sheet and continuous form), high-speed insertion, camera and read/print systems, inkjet systems and pre-post equipment.