Print Mail Wide Array Support

VideoJet Array Customers, Switch Over to MCS!

Videojet introduced hundreds of customers to the MCS Array inkjet technology with the Printmail WideArray™. Now you can upgrade your WideArray™ to MCS’ latest capabilities! See our case study on Think Patented – which upgraded older VideoJet PrintMail WideArray™ inkjet technology to the new MCS Array™ controllers; for better performance and quality!

New Features Available with an MCS V3 Upgrade:

  • Digital Workflow, including:
    * One-click visual database pre-flighting
    * Artwork importing – for job setup
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode – IMB capability
  • Ink-Saving mode of 200DPI – and increased top speed
  • 100% MCS Accountability
    * Direct support from the manufacturer

MCS supports more applications than Videojet!

Now you can print on aqueous coated stocks, gloss and matte stocks at true production speeds
with the ease-of-use of HP technology.

  • * Combination of MCS S-800 Near Infrared drying technology and special inks.
  • * Many stocks no longer require expensive solvent systems from Videojet, Buskro and Kirk

MCS offers more than a hardware and software upgrade!

  • Upgraded Printmail WideArray™ systems qualify for low cost MCS service and Swap Programs.
  • Low-cost spare parts.
    Contact MCS Technical Support or your Sales Representative to learn more about upgrading.