Industrial Inkjets

MCS offers production inkjet printing solutions to mail manufacturers nationwide. Our solutions are based on twenty seven years of successfully selling inkjet printing systems that make professional mailers money. MCS inkjets are designed, manufactured, sold and supported by MCS. Unlike other companies, we do not outsource engineering or manufacturing. This has made the MCS design the most stable and advanced inkjet products on the market today. If you have a problem with an MCS product, we own the technology and our technicians have access to the engineers that designed the product.

MCS Inkjet Technology

MCS Eagle FlexPrint

Performance similar to UV Inkjets with the flexibility of water-based inks!

Speed, quality, print width and ink cost make the MCS FlexPrint the most advanced inkjet in the mailing and printing industries. In today’s market, it pays to be efficient. The MCS FlexPrint can easily address mail at over 30,000 pieces per hour, at 600DPI. The permanent piezo head offers the lowest total cost of imaging at 600DPI.


MCS Eagle UV Inkjet System

Take on more jobs.  Earn more revenue.  Boost your business with the ability to: Print wider, faster - and with higher quality.  Add Graphics/Maps/Logos at full 600DPI resolution.  Increase production on more types of materials & products - UV Curable Ink has broad substrate capabilities.  Double throughput by rotating print orientation.


The Automated Maintenance System reduces operator interventention by automatically wiping and capping the system.

MCS Falcon Imager

The Falcon is the third generation of HP-Based inkjet systems from MCS. Building on a foundation of more than 3,000 printers serving customers worldwide, the Falcon is the overwhelming low-cost choice for industrial inkjet printing.

MCS Osprey UV

 High Production Inkjet System

The Osprey inkjet system provides high speed and stitch-less print heads to offer both high speed production and graphics capability at operating speeds exceeding 20,000 pieces per hour.

 High Performance at Low Cost

 The Osprey allows high production speeds with the benefit of low-cost FlexPrint inks and durable low-cost replacement parts.

 New Opportunities

 The elimination of stitch-lines for each 2.5" print head enables high quality graphics such as logos, store locator maps and barcodes to enhance your product offerings.




MCS Condor

MCS Condor Process Color Inkjet
The MCS Condor is designed for professional direct mail manufacturing companies. Flexibility, ease of use, and excellent process color quality make the MCS Condor ideal for many direct marketing opportunities. The MCS Condor can be used on PB inserters for high-speed read and print applications, and as a standalone solution to maximize your investment.

MCS Raptor 10 Software

MCS moves you into the future with multi-platform print control in Windows 10 environments.  The MCS Raptor 10 Inkjet Controller is a new design that allows one controller to concurrently drive multiple MCS print technologies.  Since 1997, MCS has lead the inkjet industry with the most advanced yet easy to use industrial inkjet software.

TK 17

MCS TK 17 - Black and white inkjet web press

Card Attacher

The MCS CA 530, and the MCS CA 1030 are card attaching systems designed for attaching plastic or paper cards to carriers at high speeds. These systems are designed for ease of use, flexibility, and precise placement of cards.