MCS moves you into the future with multi-platform print control in Windows 10 environments.  The MCS Raptor 10 Inkjet Controller is a new design that allows one controller to concurrently drive multiple MCS print technologies.  Since 1997, MCS has lead the inkjet industry with the most advanced yet easy to use industrial inkjet software.

New Raptor Benefits:

Use the Raptor to drive Eagle (Piezo), Falcon (HP), Osprey and/or Condor print heads simultaneously, or independently.

Example job: Use Falcon HP-based heads for spot color along with the new “stitchless” Eagle 4.25" printer.

Drive up to 25" of print width with the Raptor. High-Speed Gigabit data channels allow a greater amount of print at high-speed.

NEW MyFont - Randomized Handwriting Font Package Option (license required)

64 bit

PDF Embedded Indexing

Existing MCS Eagles are already Raptor-compatible with a small firmware upgrade.

Smoother fonts and graphics – and crisp barcodes with Enhanced Rasterization Technology™ (ERT™).

Head-Selectable Resolution:

  •    Critical high-quality areas can be printed at full resolution.
  •    Ink savings can be enabled by reducing resolution on some objects.

New GS1 Databar barcode.

Remote job setup with font usage tracking/missing font detection.

Increased Input/Output support such as system status notification with external lights.

Optional INK-OUT alarm light pole.

Manage ink usage and print quality with software-selectable Eagle drop sizes.


Printers Supported Eagle UV, Eagle FlexPrint, Osprey UV, Falcon and Condor
Workflow PDF (optional) or included Raptor workflow
Graphic Rotations In 1° increments
Ethernet Connectivity Input from your corporate network. No expensive proprietary connections
Print Width Up to 25 inches (in any combination of Eagle, Osprey, Condor and/or Falcon print heads)
Remote Job Setup Install software on additional PCs and perform setups offline
Print Proofing Soft proofs with PDF generator or hard proofs via local printers
Full Unicode File Support 16-bit characters. Special characters. All code pages supported
Embedded Rendering No font-based barcodes; bar/gap widths are correct at any resolution
User-Interface Up-to-date user interface exploits the latest Windows features: resizable dialog boxes, font selection with font preview, data-file grids (spreadsheet), true per-piece print preview (including all object types: barcodes, variable bitmaps, etc.) with record scrolling
Data Source Variable information via database, conditional rules or internal counters. Fixed data can be from Raptor layout templates or database
Rich Text Format Support Including paragraph formatting and wrapping, different fonts on the same line, etc
Reads Data Files Directly Or Uses Data-File Formats

Including dBase, Access, ASCII, and Scitex
CSV (Comma-Separated Value)
Variable fixed-length fields (each field a different number of characters)
Database: Access (.mdb), FoxPro (.dbf) supported natively (no file conversion); allows SQL “SELECT” Statement
Custom: Specify field terminators/lengths, record terminators/numbers of fields
Scitex fixed

Text I, Text II
Proofing The Raptor Software allows for proofs to any Windows printer
Barcodes All popular 1D and 2D barcodes including the new including IMB - Intelligent Mail® Barcode and QR Codes